5 thoughts on “Je sais pas ce que c’est.

  1. ◊ wearing:
    ♦ Glam Affair MIA for CHIC2 event NEW RELEASE
    ♦ Tee*fy Baby Doll Mesh Dress NEW RELEASE
    ♦ booN wkm795 Mesh Hair NEW RELEASE
    ♦ SAIKIN clog
    ◊ accessory:
    ♦ Tee*fy Toy Ca-Mera Mera Bag NEW RELEASE
    ♦ Wall-Kite-Decor—Collabor88-June NEW RELEASE
    ◊ props:
    from DA, check here for details ❤

  2. I’m not sure what it is either. I suppose when I do know, I won’t have to discuss it, I will just know. I love your pics Shortcake, always so creative and artistic. As an aside, I just bought this camera bag too! Wish I could have in real life! <33 xo

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